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"Professor Doyle's current research interests are in theoretical foundations for complex networks, primarily in network engineering and biology." He is also "interested in multiscale physics and financial markets, and the interplay between robustness, feedback, control, dynamical systems, computation, communications, and statistical physics." <> Aug 2008

Prof. Doyle has "applied complex ideas of robust design and control to many fields and is working on a unified theory of control in engineering, physics and biology." <> Aug 2008

Current Projects

Research Grants

  • Some joint grants with Prof. Steven Low:
    • MURI Analysis and modeling of networks with long range dependence (LRD) characteristics (PI - Jean Walrand, UC Berkeley; Co-PIs - John Doyle, Steven Low, R. Srikanth (UIUC), V. Anantharam & A. Zakhor (UC Berkeley), D. Towsley & W. Gong (U. Mass. Amherst)2008
    • NSF RI WAN in Lab (Newman, Psaltis, Yip) 2003-08
    • NSF NeTS Collaborative Research: Optimization and Games in Interdomain Routing 2006
    • NSF STI Multi-Gbps TCP: Data Intensive Networks for Science & Engineering (Bunn, Newman) 2002-05
    • NSF ITR Optimal and Robust TCP Congestion Control 2001-04
    • ARO DURIP Hybrid WAN in Lab (Newman, Psaltis, Yip) 2004-05
    • ARO Network Research Analytical Theory of Protocols 2002-05
    • ARO Network Science Networked control systems (Murray, Parrilo (MIT)) 2005-2006

(Note that other Co-PI are noted in brackets on these joint grants with Prof. Low and Prof. Doyle)

Past Projects



Collaborative groups

  • and more...

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