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John Doyle's papers from 2005-2009



Linear control analysis of the autocatalytic glycolysis system
Fiona Chandra, Gentian Buzi, John Doyle
In Proc. American Control Conf, 319-324 JUN 2009

Javad Lavaei, John C. Doyle and Steven Low, "Congestion Control Algorithms from Optimal Control Perspective," in Proc. 48th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Shanghai, China, 2009.

Javad Lavaei, Aydin Babakhani, Ali Hajimiri and John C. Doyle, "Solving Large-Scale Linear Circuit Problems via Convex Optimization," in Proc. 48th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Shanghai, China, 2009.



Layering as optimization decomposition: A Mathematical Theory of Network Architectures (invited),
Mung Chiang, Steven H. Low, A. Robert Calderbank, John C. Doyle
in Proc. IEEE 95(1) Jan 2007. (3.2MB)

Diversity of graphs with highly variable connectivity
David Alderson and Lun Li
Phys. Rev. E 75, 046102, 2007. (3.9MB)

Fundamental Limitations of Disturbance Attenuation in the Presence of Side Information
Martins, N. C.; Dahleh, M. A.; Doyle, J. C.;
IEEE Trans Auto Control, 52(1):56 - 66, Jan 2007 (389K)

Rules of engagement
John Doyle and Marie Csete
Nature Vol 446:860 April 19 2007 (142K)


Can complexity science support the engineering of critical network infrastructures?
Alderson, D.L. and Doyle, J.C.;
IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, pp 44 - 51 , 7-10 Oct. 2007

Contention Control: A Game-Theoretic Approach (invited)
Lijun Chen, Steven H. Low and John C. Doyle
in Proc. IEEE CDC pp3428 - 3434, New Orleans, LA, 12-14 Dec 2007.

Opportunistic Source Coding for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Tao Cui, Lijun Chen, Tracey Ho, Steven H. Low and Lachlan H. Andrew
in Proc. IEEE MASS (Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems) pp1-11, Pisa, Italy, Oct 2007.

Game-Theoretic Model for Medium Access Control
Lijun Chen, Tao Cui, Steven H. Low and John C. Doyle
in Proc. WICON, Austin,Texas, Oct 2007.

Optimization Based Rate Control for Multi-cast with Network Coding
Lijun Chen, Tracey Ho, Steven H. Low, Mung Chiang and John C. Doyle.
in Proc. IEEE Infocom, Anchorage, Alaska, May 2007.

Linear-quadratic-gaussian heat engines,
H. Sandberg, J.-Ch. Delvenne, and J. C. Doyle,
in Proc. IEEE CDC, pp:3102 - 3107, New Orleans, LA, USA 12-14 Dec. 2007.

The Statistical Mechanics of Fluctuation-Dissipation and Measurement Back Action.
Henrik Sandberg, J.-Ch. Delvenne, and John C. Doyle,
in Proc. of the American Control Conference, NYC, NY, July 11-13 2007.

  • Thermodynamics of linear systems,

J.-Ch. DDelvenne, H. Sandberg, and J. C. Doyle,
in Proc. of the European Control Conference, Kos, Greece, July 2007.

Book Chapter

Dual scheduling algorithm in a generalized switch: asymptotic optimality and throughput optimality,
L. Chen and S. H. Low and J. C. Doyle,
in High-Performance Packet Switching Architectures, Itamar Elhanany and Mounir Hamdi (Eds), Springer, 2007.



Module-Based Analysis of Robustness Tradeoffs in the Heat Shock Response System
Hiroyuki Kurata, Hana El-Samad, Rei Iwasaki, Hisao Ohtake, John C Doyle, Irina Grigorova, Carol A. Gross, Mustafa Khammash,
PLoS Comput Biol 2(7): July 2006 (1.1MB)

Towards a Theory of Scale-Free Graphs: Definition, Properties, and Implications
L. Li, D. Alderson, J. C. Doyle and W. Willinger,
Internet Mathematics, 2(4): 431-523, Mar 2006 (1.8MB)

Advanced Methods and Algorithms for Biological Networks Analysis,
H El-Samad , A Papachristodoulou, S Prajna, J Doyle, and M Khammash
In Proc. IEEE, 94 (4): 832-853 APR 2006 (900K)


Cross-layer congestion control, routing and scheduling design in ad hoc wireless network,
L. Chen and S. H. Low and M. Chiang and J. C. Doyle,
in Proc. IEEE Infocom, pp1-13; Barcelona, Spain, Apr 2006. (431K)

On Asymptotic Optimality of Dual Scheduling Algorithm in A Generalized Switch
L. Chen, S. H. Low and J. C. Doyle
in Proc. WiOpt, pp1 - 7, Boston, MA, 3-6 April 2006.

Discovering Dependencies for Network Management,
Victor Bahl, Paul Barham, Richard Black, Ranveer Chandra, Moises Goldszmidt, Rebecca Isaacs, Srikanth Kandula, Lun Li, John MacCormick, David A. Maltz, Richard Mortier, Mike Wawrzoniak, and Ming Zhang,
In Proc. ACM/SIGCOMM HotNets,Irvine, CA, Sept 2006.

Complexity in Automation of SOS Proofs: An Illustrative Example
Gayme, D.; Fazel, M.; Doyle, J.C.
in Proc. IEEE CDC, pp5851 - 5856, San Diego, CA, 13-15 Dec 2006.


The Optimization-based Approach to Modeling Internet Topology
D. Alderson, W. Willinger, L. Li, and J. Doyle,
Telecommunications Planning: Innovations in Pricing, Network Design and Management.
S. Raghavan and G. Anandlingham, eds. Springer. 2006.

Technical report

Random Access Game and Medium Access Control Design
L. Chen, S. H. Low and J. C. Doyle,
(Caltech) Technical Report, March 2006.



Motifs, control, and stability (including Supplementary Notes: Elementary Feedback Concepts)
Doyle J and Csete M
PLoS Biol 3(11): e392; 2005. (387K)

Understanding Internet Topology: Principles, Models, and Validation,
D. Alderson, L. Li, W. Willinger, J. C. Doyle,
IEEE/ACM ToN, 13(6), Dec. 2005. (1.2MB)

FAST TCP: From Theory to Experiments,
C. Jin, D. X. Wei, S. H. Low, G. Buhrmaster, J. Bunn, D. H. Choe, R. L. A. Cottrell, J. C. Doyle, W. Feng, O. Martin, H. Newman, F. Paganini, S. Ravot and S. Singh,
IEEE Network, 19(1):4-11, Jan/Feb 2005.(638k)

Cross-layer optimization in TCP/IP networks
J. Wang, L. Li, S. H. Low and J. C. Doyle.
IEEE/ACM ToN, 13(3):582-568, Jun 2005 (409k)

Congestion control for high performance, stability and fairness in general networks
F. Paganini, Z. Wang, J. C. Doyle and S. H. Low.
IEEE/ACM ToN, 13(1):43-56, Feb 2005 (444k)

The ‘‘robust yet fragile’’ nature of the Internet
John C. Doyle, David L. Alderson, Lun Li, Steven Low, Matthew Roughan, Stanislav Shalunov, Reiko Tanaka, and Walter Willinger
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 102(41):14497-14502, Oct 11 2005. (635K)

Surviving Heat Shock: Control Strategies for Robustness and Performance,
H. El-Samad, H. Kurata , J.C. Doyle , C.A. Gross, and M. Khammash,
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102(8): 2736-2741 Feb 22, 2005. (390K)

  • Highly optimized tolerance and power laws in dense and sparse resource regimes,

Manning M, Carlson JM, Doyle J,
Phys. Rev. E 72 (1): Art. No. 016108 Part 2 Jul 2005

  • Three mechanisms for power laws on the Cayley tree,

T Brookings, JM Carlson, and J Doyle
Phys. Rev. E 72, 056120

  • Evolutionary dynamics and highly optimized tolerance,

Zhou T, Carlson JM, Doyle J
Journal of Theoretical Biology 236 (4): 438-447 Oct 21 2005

Some protein interaction data do not exhibit power law statistics,
R. Tanaka, T-M Yi, and J. Doyle
FEBS letters, 579 (23): 5140-5144 Sept 26 2005 (221K)

Wildfires, complexity, and highly optimized tolerance,
MA Moritz, ME Morais, LA Summerell, JM Carlson, J Doyle
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, December 13, 2005; 102 (50):17912–17917 (403K)

Highly optimised global organisation of metabolic networks,
R. Tanaka, M. Csete and J. Doyle,
IEE Proc.-Syst. Biol. 152(4): 179, Dec 2005 (820K)

Towards a theory of scale-free graphs: definitions, properties, and implications
L. Li, D. Alderson, J. C. Doyle and W. Willinger
Internet Mathematics, 2005 (909k).


Joint congestion control and media access control design for wireless ad hoc networks
Lijun Chen, Steven H. Low and John C. Doyle.
in Proc. IEEE Infocom, Miami, FL, Mar 2005 (193k).

Optimization model of internet protocols
Steven H. Low, John Doyle, Lun Li, Ao Tang and Jiantao Wang
in Proceedings of SIGMETRICS, pp277 - 277, Banff, Alberta, Canada, June 6-10, 2005.

Fundamental Limitations of Disturbance Attenuation in the Presence of Side Information
Martins, N.C.; Dahleh, M.A.; Doyle, J.C.;
IEEE CDC - ECC pp2523 - 2529, Seville, Spain, 12-15 Dec 2005.


Robustness and the Internet: Design and evolution,
W. Willinger, J Doyle,
in Robust Design: A Repertoire of Biological, Ecological, and Engineering Case Studies
(Santa Fe Institute Studies on the Sciences of Complexity),
Erica Jen, Editor 2005