Lijun Chen

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Telecommunications
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309
phone: 303 492-4384
email: lijun.chen[at]

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My research aims to build rigorous foundations and develop new methodologies in optimization, game theory, and systems theory for modeling, analysis, design, and control of complex networked systems, in particular communication/computer networks and smart grids, that are distributed, large in size, scope, and complexity, and operate under incomplete information and possibly in uncertain environments. A unified theme in my research is a rigorous and holistic approach that captures the global structure of the problem and employs powerful decomposition tools to modularize and distribute the design, optimization, and control of networked systems and protocols. The most important feature of such a theoretically rooted approach is not the specific algorithms proposed and analyzed, but that we can derive from first principle the layering structure and modularity of the various mechanisms, the interfaces between these mechanisms, and the control/signaling information that must cross these interfaces to achieve a certain performance and robustness. A long-term research goal is to develop a foundational theory of network architecture that would include a common analytical framework and language that handles and integrates computation, communication, control, and incentive, and allow rigorous analysis and systematic design of complex networked systems.

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