CDS Research Areas

Faculty and students in CDS are active in a number of research areas. These areas of research integrate fundamental theoretical contributions with applications in a variety of disciplines. Students and faculty in CDS work collaboratively with many groups around Caltech and at other universities, allowing a broad portfolio of research activities that build on key principles of dynamical systems and control theory.

Primary theoretical areas of research include:

  • Bayesian modeling, analysis and inference
  • communications and information theory
  • discrete geometry and mechanics
  • automata theory, verification and synthesis
  • modeling and analysis of uncertainty
  • nonlinear and multiscale modeling
  • optimal and decentralized control
  • system identification and estimation theory

Currently active application areas include:

  • biology and medicine
  • economic, financial and social systems
  • infrastructure networks; smart grid
  • networking and communication systems
  • neuroscience and neuroprosthetics
  • physics of fluids
  • quantum systems
  • robotics and autonomy
  • systems and synthetic biology

More detailed descriptions of individual research interests can be found on the websites for individual faculty members.