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Tu-Th, NEW TIME 1:30-3pm, 125 Steele


Bill Dunbar, 3 Steele (Basement), x3366,
Office hours: after classes

Course Description

Methods for analysis and design of nonlinear control systems emphasizing Lyapunov theory. Second order systems, direct and indirect method of Lyapunov, feedback linearization. Introduction to optimal control, optimization and receding horizon control, with emphasis on stability proofs for centralized and distributed implementations.


Linear systems (CDS 201 is sufficient); Basic calculus, differential equations and linear algebra.

Course Policy

Refer to the syllabus.

Course Textbook

Nonlinear Systems (second edition) by Hassan K. Khalil. Prentice Hall, 1995. Order online: Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

NOTE: I will use 2nd edition, but 3rd is available. Feel free to buy either. There are obvious page and topic discrepancies between the two editions. However, the 3rd contains the 2nd (as a set), so as I am going by the 2nd, again, feel free to buy either.

Homework Assignments

Homework problems taken from 2nd edition. Problems for the second half of the quarter will be handed out in class.


Matlab, available on CDS cluster. Online tutorials for Matlab are available at