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CDS 270-2

CDS 270-2 -- Spring 2006
Third Term

Networked Control Systems

CDS 110ab, CDS 140ab .

If you want to sign up, this is Section 2 of CDS 270
(Section 1 is on System Identification and will be taught by Eugene Levretsky).

Course Description

Homepage: CDS 270-2. Networked Control Systems. Units 3-0-6.

Course Outline

The current outline for the course is to cover the following topics:

I. Introduction (3 lectures)
* What are networked control systems
* Example NCS's: Alice, RoboFlag, Trinet
II. Review material (6 lectures)
* Receding horizon control
* Estimation and sensor fusion
* Hybrid systems and SOS
III. Packet-Based Estimation and Control (6 lectures)
* Packet-based messaging architectures (TCP, UDP, MTA, RCS)
* Bode-Shannon, rate limits, MD coding
IV. Distributed estimation and control (6 lectures)
* Distributed dynamic programming and receding horizon control
* Distributed estimation (KF, MHE, PF)
* Cross layer designs
V. Cooperative control (6 lectures)
* Consensus protocols (CDS, CS, Ec)
* Hybrid systems and asynchronous computation (CCL)
VI. Project presentations (3 lectures)

MWF 2-3 PM; 125 Steele
Richard Murray

Office hours: by appointment

Course Announcements
First Lecture
will be on Monday , March 29, 2006 in 125 Steele at 2 PM.

No exams and optional homework, but a course project will be required.