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CDS280-1: Topics in Geometric Mechanics and Dynamical Systems

Fall Term, 2003-2004

Time and Place: W, 1:30-2:30 p.m 114 Steele (CDS Library)
CDS Tea begins at 3pm
Additional seminars may take place at W, 3:30-4:30, or F, 2-3
Instructor: Jerrold Marsden
Office Hours: by email appointment
Course Coordinator: Shane Ross
Steele 11 (x4882)


W, October 8 (1:30pm) Frederic Gabern, Caltech Restricted four and five body problems in the Solar System
W, October 15 (3:30pm) Manuele Santoprete, UC Irvine Collisions, Chaos and Periodic Orbits in the Anisotropic Manev Problem
W, October 22 (1:30pm) Michael Leyton , Rutgers Univ. A Generative Theory of Shape
W, October 22 (3:30pm) Kathrin Padberg, Univ. of Paderborn, Germany Lyapunov exponents, invariant manifolds and transport
F, October 24
(Fri, 2:00pm)
Brian Spears, UC Berkeley Knotted tori and topological bifurcations in quasiperiodically driven oscillators
W, November 12 (1:30pm) Anthony Bloch, Univ. of Michigan Dynamics and Control of Oscillators and Spins Interacting with their Environment
W, November 12 (3:30pm) Nawaf M. Bou-Rabee , Caltech Tippe Top Inversion as a Dissipation-Induced Instability
W, November 19 (1:30pm) Antonio Hernandez, National University of Mexico Blowing-up near an equilibrium with non-trivial isotropy
W, November 19 (3:30pm) Troy Smith, Caltech Low-dimensional models of plane Couette flow using the proper orthogonal decomposition
W, December 3 (1:30pm) Sheldon Newhouse, Michigan State Univ. The structure of smooth diffeomorphisms of surfaces
W, December 3 (3:30pm) Matthew Perlmutter, Univ. Tecnica de Lisboa Reduced cotangent bundles at zero momentum
Th, December 4 (2:00pm) Luz Vianey Vela-Arevalo, Georgia Tech Wavelet based time-frequency analysis for phase space structure and transport