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CDS 273

CDS 273 -- Spring 2006
Third Term

Frontiers in Control and Dynamical Systems


Course Description

Homepage: CDS 273, Frontiers in Control and Dynamical Systems. Units 1-0-5.

Course Outline

This is a project-based course in which CDS students team up with students and faculty from around Caltech to explore (new) applications of CDS to areas of engineering and science.

Current likely topics for this term:
* Photonics/quantum feedback (Painter)
* Ecosystems modeling (Cal State LA)
* Bio-locomotion (Dabiri)
* Stochastic modeling of B. Subtilis (Elowitz) - tentative
* Image registration/calibration (Cole-Rhodes) - tentative

All CDS students are encouraged to take the class (more than once is fine; postdoc participation is fine). This is a great opportunity to learn a bit about a new area by working with students and faculty who are experts in that area.

More info at

W 3:30 PM; 104 Watson
Richard Murray and Hideo Mabuchi

Office hours: by appointment

Course Announcements
Organizational Meeting
will be on Wednesday , March 29, 2006 in 104 Watson at 3:30 PM.

No exams and optional homework, but a course project will be required.